About CKF 2019

The Chicago Kizomba Mini Festival will be held March 22nd - 25th at the beautiful Hilton Rosemont Hotel, home of Chicago's largest Latin Music and Dance Festival. The CKF is a sister festival to the Chicago Salsa and Bachata festival which is a celebration of Latin culture through live music and dance attended by a diverse international audience.

During the day for attendees looking to be adventurous or take their dancing skills to the next level we provide instructional dance classes from beginner to advanced with a line-up of World class local and international dance artists. At night, CKF brings out the entertainment! Each evening begins with live dance showcases. We then move on to an evening with some of the best Kizomba music DJs to ensure you dance the entire night away. We hope you join us for the fun.

Dont forget to check out our main event, the Chicago Salsa & Bachata Festival at the same hotel! Learn More

Featured Artists

Donald Wilson

Carlo Capponnetti

Eddie Hercules

Kizomba Chick

DJ Ginga

DJ Just Jacob

Courtney Lundgren

Workshops // Friday

6:00 PM Kizomba Beginners BootCamp (Kizomba Chick)

Workshops // Saturday

11:00 AM Brazilian Zouk (Jacob)

12:00 PM Kizomba vs. Fusion (Carlo Caponnetti)

1:00 PM Musicality 2 hours (Donald Wilson)

3:00 PM Tarraxinha (Carlo Cuponnetti)

4:00 PM AfroHouse (Donald Wilson)

Workshops // Sunday

11:00 AM Zouk (Sarah & Jorge)

12:00 PM Saida Variations (Courtney Lundgren)

1:00 PM Urban Kiz Progressive (Kizomba Chick)

2:00 PM Axial Spins (Eddie Hercules)

3:00 PM UrbanKiz Advanced (Donald Wilson)

4:00 PM Urban Kiz FootWork (Eddie Hercules)